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$100 Rent

Assistance Grant

Sign a new Rental Contract between November 28 and January 4

and qualify for a $100 grant applied toward your 2014 Spring rent.


Act now. The number of grants are limited.


Rent Assitance Grants, secured by the developer of Thunderbird Landing from Quantum Investments LLc, are provided to "qualified, privately funded, student apartment complexes near state colleges when rooms are still available

 in  the first academic year, following completion of the complex."


To be eligible for a grant, write “$100 Rent Assistance Grant” in the margin at  the bottom of your Rental Application.  When your contract is sent to you for signature it will be adjusted to show the grant was issued within the eligibility period. The $100 grant will not qualify as personal income, but will be issued directly to Thunderbird Landing and applied toward your Spring Semester payment.


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