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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are utilities included? Yes, directly or indirectly. Thunderbird Landing management pays for high speed internet, sewer, and garbage collection as part of the rent. At the beginning of each semester an additional sum of $125.00 over your semester rent is charged for utilities.  Management uses the $125.00 to pay for natural gas, electricity, sewer, and water. If your unit goes over the $750.00 ($125.00 per person) per semester, you and your roommates will be responsible for the overage. If you are under, you get the difference as a refund.  Refunds and overages are settled at the end of each semester.

The advantages of management  paying your utilities for you are you don't have to collect from each other, no one has to put a deposit up with the utility company and be responsible to the utility company, and you don't have to transfer the utilities into your own name and get them turned on. (Land-line telephone service, if desired, is the sole responsibility of the tenant.)

2. What is the Internet like?  We supply wireless free high-speed internet service. In addition free high speed internet is hard-wired into each bedroom and both living rooms.  We have installed state-of-the-art sophisticated hardware to provide more than substantial bandwidth. (Internet is for personal use, not for commercial use. Bandwidth hogs will be disconnected.)

3. Can I pay my rent late if I am waiting for financial aid or a scholarship money?  Your initial payment of $500 cannot be postponed.  However, your Fall payment of $1550 and your Spring payment of $1550 can be postponed if you supply Management with a form from SUU verifying you are receiving funds for a scholarship or financial aid.


4. How do I pay and can I pay rent monthly? You may pay in person, via the mail or pay online by clicking on the "Appy"a fee at the top of the page.  You cannot pay monthly.


5. What if my credit is bad or I am under the age of 18? ​ A parent or guardian must sign a Personal Guarantee Payment Agreement and Authorization for Thunderbird Landing to charge their credit/debit card if payments are not made in accordance with the standard rent payment schedule.​​

6. Does my security deposit go towards my rent? No. The deposit is used as security for any damages caused or cleaning that is not taken care of by the tenant at the end of the lease. A non-refundable sum of $50.00 is deducted for carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and touch up painting which is done at the end of the spring semester. An extra $25.00 is deducted for your landlord handling the logistics of paying your utilities (we keep track of each apartment for all the utilities, make refunds, write checks, or bill for overages each semester). The rest of the deposit, less unpaid amounts under the lease, damages, and cleaning fees, if any, will be mailed back to you.

7. Do I have to sign a 2-semester contract? Yes, unless you come for Spring Semester only, then  you may sign a one-semester contract.


8. Can I sell my Contract?  Yes, if you choose to move before the end of the term of your contract you can find someone to purchase your contract.  The purchaser must be approved by Management.  A $50 paperwork and move-in, move-out fee is charged.

9.  How big are the units?  Each unit has has six private bedrooms, one on the main floor, three on the second floor and two on the top floor. Each bedroom comes with an in-suite private bathroom and walk-in closet.  The main floor and the top floor each have a living room.  The kitchen is on the main floor.  The washer and dryer are on the second floor. You can view the floor plans here. 


10. How many people to a unit? Units accommodate six people, each with a private bedroom and private in-suite bathroom.


11. What is the size of Thunderbird Landing?  Phase One consisting of two buildings, 12 units and 72 private bedrooms and private bathrooms was completed August 1, 2013.  Phase Two consisting of two buildings, nine units and 54 private bedrooms and private bathrooms was completed Aug 1, 2015.


12. What furniture and appliances do the units have? All units are furnished. The main-floor front rooms has two couches. The top-floor living room has one couch. The kitchens have cabinets and counter-tops, a built-in table, six table stools, and standard appliances including a dishwasher, disposal, microwave, oven with a 4-burner range top, and refrigerator.  Each bedroom has a XL twin bed, with a computer desk, chair, dresser, and is wired, high-speed internet, in addition to unit-wide wireless internet. Each bedroom has a private in-suite bathroom with a toilet, vanity and shower.


13. What size are the beds?  Each bedroom has a built-in XL twin bed.

14. Can I bring my own bed and dresser? No, the dressers are adequate and the bed frames are built-in, and the mattresses are new.

15. What do I need to bring? You will need to bring kitchen dishes, pots and pans, utensils, etc. You will also need to bring your own sheets (twin XL), blankets, pillows, towels and personal items. (Beds cannot go without sheets.) There is no telephone or TV set. Most people bring a television and use cell phones.


16. Must I be a college student to live at Thunderbird Landing? No, but it is anticipated that most tenants will be college students.


17. Can I use nails, tacks or sticky tape on the walls? You may use small pins and tacks, but no sticky tape or nails. We patch the holes and touch up paint each year. If you use nails, sticky tape, or make excessive pin/tack holes, we will make the repairs and deduct it from your deposit. No paint can be applied to walls, and no shelves attached.


18. Is there assigned parking? There is a parking pass issued upon move-in, but no assigned parking stalls.  (Replacement of lost passes cost $10). Tenants with a parking pass may park in the parking lot. Guests must park on the street.  Unauthorized vehicles in the parking lot will be booted or towed. Mechanical work on a automobile is not permitted on site.


19. Can I bring my bike and skate boards? Yes, but bikes can only be stored indoors in the closet under the stairs on the main floor, or outdoors. Skate boards must be stored in the main floor storage room or in a bedroom.


20. Are motorcycles permitted?  Yes, but they must be properly parked in a parking stall.


21. Can I come and see the apartments at sometime before I check in? Yes, just call and make an appointment with the manager. The manager’s Phone is 1-435-559-1516. or e-mail us at to set up an appointment.


22. What do you do to make the Thunderbird Landing a safe place to live? Is there a curfew? We have full time managers that live on-site and handle problems day and night. We enforce our rules. Guests must be out of the apartment by 12:00 midnight, except on Friday and Saturday nights when they must leave by 1:30 a.m.  The prohibition against smoking, drinking, or using drugs, or having pets will be strictly enforced.  Our full time manager will not hesitate to evict you for rule violations or call the police if you are breaking the law. We have parking lot lights, and hand rails on the stairs.


23. Are the apartments within walking distance to campus? Yes. Thunderbird Landing is 2.5 blocks from the football field which is the West end of campus. You will not need to drive to school unless you choose to do so. Most walk (10-15 minutes), ride bikes or skateboard.

24. When will the roommate assignments be made? Can you reserve a specific room for me? We will do our best to accommodate roommate requests submitted at the time of application, however no roommate requests are guaranteed.  Official roommate assignments are completed the first week of August. 

25. What is the move-in date? Can I move in early?  Move in dates vary from year to year. Check the contract for your year. You can generally move in anytime before the move in date for $15 a day. 


26. What is your overnight guest policy? No overnight guests are allowed. Guests must be out of the apartment by 12:00 midnight, except on Friday and Saturday nights when they must leave by 1:30 a.m. Remember, unauthorized vehicles will be towed or booted at the owner’s expense.

27. Are pets allowed? No, none!

28.  Can I have alcohol, tobacco, and/or illegal drugs on the premises, but not consume them?  No, they will be confiscated, and the police will be called if anything illegal is found. Consumption of any of them will result in eviction. 


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